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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 23, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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gave as the broncos continued their vote to the championship for taking a look back at history at the old logo, the denver deep. things are staying with us. tonight we are exploring where that. logo came from. mccready is your has the story at the man who created his own. image is everything. here are the oldest denver deep. it's both and dominant. it's iconic. this brings back the test days
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little is known about for the local came from for the man behind that d. we thought you'd be pleased to know that the design suggestion you for them to us last year. has been accepted as the new helmet ornamentation. they think pat taylor's father, edmund. >> denver looking for an update. here's there is broncos that looks like it's amazing aided and they played that way their emblem look taylor delivered bit that's a he came up with that power. her artist's father was a humble man picture mystery is creating for what could be one of his greatest creations he received the two tickets in the game against the cheese thing averages call them up and said this is great.
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hoping for. never truly recognize he's been gone since 1993 as the broncos take the field on sunday and thousands and the fans still some support that her dad's legacy lives on. that's my dad. such a good logo. it's not the only one that he is credited with he also created freddy the air force falcon. and then national weather one of my many other she hopes to one day that he is inducted to hall of fame. as football fans to send on denver for tomorrow's game there's no mistaking businesses are happy to see the grain they bring with them the mile high has to offer people to stand on denver for the big-game are making shopowners mile. it's hard to qualify all the way
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this some say it goes beyond state lines. >> to play a game like this is the $10 million in economic impact. that doesn't cover the exposure that you get nationwide. proof of broncos impact is also evident through the teams growing fan base. we've been showing your pictures all long and every single newscast. dark going cap for the reason it comes from them and use got to be a pounds broncos fan many more photos coming up we are learning new details after students and parker said someone follow them on the way to the bus stop. police are asking for your help finding a suspicious track.
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is happened. parents and parker on edge after middle schools your report they tried to kidnap him friday morning it happened around 6:45 a.m. he was walking to the bus stop. >> they portland that neighborhood is one for kids often walks to pick up their bus. i'm very shocked. his wife is stunned to saying this area is quite and quiet. normally you don't see that activity here. they report that he was walking along the sidewalk just like this when a truck pulled up three men got out when begin to pick up the pace but this trucks and sped away in the back of the trucks had a logo on it that looks like this. they catches me off guard in this neighborhood.
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here. the suspect is described as three men from late 30s to early 50s one having a scruffy beard and a broad-based for cap police are working tonight the douglas county schools to make bus stops are safe that stuff not stopping gem and diane from pain extra vigilant. normally this area is very safe and mellow. >> this neighborhood is on edge we have a right to them parked our here's some neighbors called the police on us. they said they have reports of a suspicious van in the area of much detailed on our website. new developments tonight in the school shooting in kenneth which opened fire arctic communities school yesterday afternoon. the government for shot and killed his two brothers at home
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people the motive behind the shooting is still under investigation. they never found any anybody's there's some closure here are the new developments from hawaii. shot turn to help them in despair after two marine helicopters and presumed dead. i pray for your presence right for after everyone affected by what's happening.
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they change from who do did everything possible to find our marines. the search be can reported seeing and the governor of the state of
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flown at half staff until sunset on tuesday. >> new developments another candidate could enter the race. michael bloomberg is very true. independent run. the 70 field is expected to make a decision sometime in march the spokesman for the former mayor declined to comment it was first reported this morning by the new york times. it seems like not much time like day. almost hitting the caucuses pretty simply the broncos are all the buzz going out figuratively and literally. i got this buzz cut. do you really want to get it. what will tell you who you need to talk to. a little later in sports wade phillips came to denver and turn the broncos into the number one defense in the nfl. what he's saying about facing tom brady. >> wake up and get up to speed
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white rapidly receiving a minute to minute breaking news. weather and traffic every ten minutes to help you plan your day. white died into the home carrying vacation business couldn't get you into trouble. and a medical breakthrough in the world of sports medicine that originated in a colorado.
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we hope you lined with faithful fans across broncos country. you have been sending us great photographs of logos made of snow. your family and friends. pets houses. everything decked out in orange and blue. keep sending your pictures to us. we'll get them on the air. and online. >> >> e-mail them to tip -ts at
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support this weekend. >> with a simple haircut. or maybe not so simple. more like a piece of art. >> . we show you the trend. >> if you're looking to show well. custom cuts. a stoves throw away from sports authority field. >> just opened in may. chris is already getting the attention of customers. because of his creative design. >> . he just recently took first place in a barber competition. down in florida. >> >> with location. and only lends itself to broncos design. >> young and old. looking to show their support. on their nothingens. like today's project.
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wanting to share his excitement. of the championship game. >> >> earlier in the week we heard about broncos tattoos. now the haircuts. folk -ts getting fired up. if you're getting your gear ready. you might want to bring a variety to where you're headed. especially if you have tickets for the game. we'll start off warm. threw sunday. and transition to a colder pattern. likely during the game. it was beautiful out there this afternoon. highs back into the upper 50s.
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>> right arpbdz 36 degrees. as we have winds coming in at about five to ten miles per hour. this morning we started off in the low 30s. that's where we'll finish by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. we won't get back to the 57 degrees. in which we hit at the airport earlier today. likely closer to that average number of 44. i think that happens around noon. and once we get into the second half of the day. things start to take a dive. on sunday. again more on that in a moment. 36 right now. downtown. we're seeing some 20s pop up. in the northeast plains. 20s and 30s now.
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>> . throw the wind gusts at 25. 35. at at times 45 miles per hour. into the mix. and low visibility will be a major concern. now around the metro area. here are the details for sunday afternoon. we start off early in the day. with the flow from the south. continuing. that will push us into the low 40s by noon. mountain snows will kick up by that point. we're not expecting it to get
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until the front comes through. >> breezy conditions kick up. maybe a few flurries before the final whistle of the game. and once we get passed dark. heavier snows could kick up. >> . future cast. eleven tonight. notice by tomorrow afternoon, we see the snow really spread out across the high country. not really kicking in yet. at one o'clock. that's kick off. we're mainly cloudy by that point. the front drops by. by five o'clock maybe a few flurries. a couple bands of heavy snow. as we go through the early over night. it wraps up early. only a few hours of snowfall. monday morning commute. probably doesn't look too bad. road crews will have a good
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>> 46 kick off. tumbling down to 33. by the epd of the game. that's where we start to see the changes occur. i don't think weather will be a huge factor for the game. that's good news. we want to see that quiet as possible for peyton manning. and the broncos offense. >> how big will the defense be against tom brady and the patriots. hear what they are saying about the big match up.
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>> now the >> as far as tapl brady is corned. i don't think he's a cry baby. he's a great competitor. and he shows. some people don't show it. he shows it. frustration. but what he can do is over come that. he's such a great player. coordinator. what he's done with the defense unbelievable. he doesn't have a problem with baby. he just doesn't agree. >> wade has faced tom plenty of times and knows what he can do
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>> . the two really don't like to talk about each other. they focus on the defenses. not this week. >> . all i can say. that he plays the position. the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. very come pettive. >> stkpwhr-f peyton manning has
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you have to be at your best. you can't play anything less and expect to win. >> >> i'll be at the game tomorrow. i'll take you behind the scenes with photographs and commentary. like my page. >> . today. >> lindsey vonn. queen of downhill. she set a new record today. with her 37 career world cup
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>> right now a 3 game winning streak. the avs and dallas tonight. the stars started the season hot. they have faded a bit. still high in the standings. scoreless until the end of the first. >> they atd ao they add another in the third. colorado wins. 3 to one. >> i want to continue. there's a lot of hockey to be played. >> we have two games before the all star game. it's an important game for us. >> college basketball. the buffs hit the road. facing washington state. colorado led most of the way.
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no worries. >> >> colorado gets the 15 win of the year. 75 to 70 the final. >> finish with a weird way to distract a free throw shooter. in ohio. they are having a fake childbirth in the back
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